Cocktail makes an appearance on For The Love Of Ray J 2 Reunion

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Go to fullsize imageSurprise, Surprise Ray J smashed the homies too! Cocktail aka Joanna, season 1 winner from For The Love Of Ray j didn’t hold nothing back when she tried to warn Mz. Berry, season two winner about Ray J multitude of women and his many sexcapades. According to Mz. Berry she haven’t seen Ray since th finale-5 months to be exact, but Cocktail says, she talked to Ray the very next day after she won and sent for her to come to Las Vegas. She also said he texted her right after he picked Mz. Berry.

Cocktail explained to Berry how Ray would be in other rooms with other girls while she’s on tour with him, but Ray J said while he was with other girls, Cocktail had girls in her room.

“On the tour bous, she was taking other girls having one on one with them.” Ray said. 

He did admit to smashing Luscious and Cocktails homies. He also admitted to contacting Caliente, Luscious and Cocktail since the choosing Mz. Berry.

Mz. Berry wasn’t saying too much but hopefully she was taking it all in.

“She’s a good girl, why are you lying to her?” Cocktail said to Ray J about Berry.

Ray J wasn’t pleased with Cocktail attending the reunion. After trying to prove his innocence he walked off the stage, where Mz. Berry and Cocktail followed. Several times he called Cocktail a b**** expressing his anger towards her. Cocktail obviously was upset about his behavior with her and the fact that it didn’t work out between them. She told him she loved him repeatedly.

“I did love you, Hell yeah I did!” She said backstage crying.

While she and Ray went back and forth with words, Berry just stood between them. In the end that’s how the show faded out- with them arguing backsage and all you hear is Cocktail saying, “I loved you.”

I really didn’t expect to see Cocktail on the show but i truly believe that Mz. Berry was to much of a woman for him. RAy is not ready to settle down and he picked Cocktail on season one which had to have been for tv because she is a golddigger. She said that’s all she wanted in a man anyway. So it seems to me she too was playing games.

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