Cocktail Time: Arts and Crafts: 3-d Pumpkin

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3-D Pumpkin

supplies:  orange and brown construction paper, scissors, marker, stapler

Using a round can trace a round circle on the orange construction paper.  Cut out 8 rounds of orange.  

Cut one strip of brown for stem (6″ long, 1/2″ wide).

Fold the brown strip in half and staple the open end to one of the orange circle.  (The orange circle with the brown stem will be the center of the pumpkin.)

Fold all of the other (7) round orange circles in half.  With a marker make a line from the center of the folded part to the middle of the halved folded orange piece.  

Cut on the dark line (see picture).  Do not cut all the way through to the edge.





Open and slide the center pumpkin base through the slit, add all seven.   Now your 3-D pumkin is finished.

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