Cody Simpson, Miley Cyrus supports anti-bullying: ‘Defeat the Label’

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Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus are using their spotlight to stop the bullying in the community. Coming together for Defeat the Label their fans are asked to refrain from calling people names in person and online.

Cody Simpson is serious about the name calling and he is sharing with the fans. In the Defeat the Label campaign on Thursday, the entertainer gave away thousands of tickets at the Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan, kicking off the initiative. Letting young adults know that labeling people in a negative way is hurtful, he rallied his fans together and talked to them at a mini-concert in the area.

Another big name celebrity that has signed on to the project is Miley Cyrus. An outspoken artist who has seen her share of names being hurled at her over the course of her short career, she wants others to stop it as well. Most of the concerns stem from very hateful Facebook and Twitter posts that have negative consequences. Targeting particular people, the bullying with words has seen dire conditions including suicide.

Reminding everyone to stop labeling people, Cody Simpson has become the face of the campaign. The younger fans are listening to his message and they definitely will support his cause, especially if a free ticket is part of the reward.

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