Coffee, Donuts and Prostitution Served up at Dunkin’ Donuts in New Jersey

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Coffee, donuts and prostitution were being served by a Dunkin’ Donuts employee at the shop in Rockaway Township, North Jersey. A 29-year-old female is now facing prostitution charges. She probably needed a little more money than minimum wage and tips, so she was doing a little extra on the side. Well, a little extra in this case landed her in trouble with the law.

The code name of the case was “extra sugar” and cops were soon on to the activity on Route 46. It is not common for a Dunkin’ Donuts employee to serve coffee, donuts and prostitution at the drive-thru window, the counter, or the parking lot. This female was spotted entering vehicles and staying in them for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. The information was provided by a tip from a good citizen, or maybe a competitor! Someone let the cops know that this little dish was working the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot between 9:00 pm and 5:00 am.

Perhaps this Dunkin’ employee was just helping the customers stir their coffee or making sure the glaze on their donuts was perfect? Coffee, donuts and prostitution are not on the menu board at that location or any other Dunkin’ Donuts locations! She was selling sex and she made a fatal error. It seems that Melissa Redmond offered up her baking skills to an undercover cop and that was the end of her donut caper, according to the LA Times. It goes without saying that Dunkin’ Donuts is keeping the lid sealed on comments.

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