Coffee Kills: British Man Dies from Caffeine Overdose – Caffeine Plus Energy Drinks Increasingly Dangerous

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Who knew coffee could kill? Well, one British man reportedly died from consuming too much caffeine back in April. Chocolate, coffee and most sodas all contain caffeine. Should Americans with their caffeine addictions be concerned about their favorite drug?

Time Magazine reports on Tues., Nov. 2, that a 23-year-old man died after eating spoonfuls of caffeine powder along with energy drinks. The amount of powder he consumed amounted to about 70 energy drinks.

Earlier in October, other health concerns involved energy drinks, as well. Several alcohol-poisonings were attributed to caffeinated malt liquor drinks.

Understandably, many lawmakers and health officials want alcohol drinks with caffeine banned. But, what about caffeine powder? People need to understand exactly how much caffeine is in a spoonful and warnings need to be put on packages. Also, these energy drink companies need to be more clear about the side effects caffeine and their products could have

People in America seem to be obsessed with coffee. Maybe this news will reduce people’s caffeine obsession. Instead of consuming large amounts of coffee, people need to make more sleep part of their lives and exercise more so that they sleep better.

To die from coffee, you would need to drink about 100 cups. According to AOL Health, drinking about two to three cups of coffee per day is safe. Caffeine may have other harmful side effects, such as anxiety, insomnia, irritability and jittery feelings.

Does this change the way you think of coffee? Will you drink less coffee or refrain from consuming energy drinks with caffeine? If you have a caffeine addiction, will you try to break it?

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