Coffee Prices Keep Going Up

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Coffee prices are up to a 34-year high. The price of a cup of joe could be rising quickly as businesses struggle to deal with the increases in the tasty morning (or all day) beverage.

Coffee Prices Keep Going UpThe cost of living is simply going up. There’s no denying it. Prices at the pump are rising, and now even coffee prices are rising. The reasons for the java increase are numerous. There has been bad weather in the region that grows the savory beans. Then there is the fact that the drink is growing in popularity throughout the world.

Coffee has surpassed $3 a pound this week, which is two times its price at this time last year. This will eventually be passed to you with the price of a cup of java going up. The question is, will you pay? It seems likely that consumers will end up making cuts somewhere besides their coffee. What about you? How will you deal with the rising price of coffee?

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