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Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central’s satirist extraordinaire, has taken his “Colbert Bump” to amazing heights. What started as a joke on the popular Colbert Report has truly giving a much needed increase in popularity and revenue to those receiving the bump. Take the U.S. speed skating team.

The team was facing a serious financial shortfall after their sponsor, DSB, a Dutch bank, went belly up. Enter the Colbert Nation, who heard about their plight, and offered to raise the necessary funds for them to compete in the World Cup. While the team didn’t skate away with top honors, they were able to compete, thanks to Stephen and his legion of fans. Not only that, several competitors came home with a coveted gold medal.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Colbert is nothing short of miraculous in making causes count. After he broke his wrist on his show a few years back, he being the comedian he is, began selling “wrist-strong” bracelets from his ColbertNation website in recognition of “wrist violence.” All the proceeds from the $5 bracelets went to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which benefits injured soldiers and their families. In just a few months, Colbert’s bracelets raised $171,000 for the cause.

The giving doesn’t stop there. Last spring, Colbert and new best pal Jimmy Fallon promised to sing Rebecca Black’s teeny-bopper hit “Friday” together if fans would donate at least $26,000 to Donor’s Choice, a charity in which the donor chooses which charity to support. In a heartbeat, it was done. The video is below, courtesy of YouTube.

To date, the Colbert Nation has donated a whopping $3.5 million dollars to various charities. Not bad for Jon Stewart’s old sidekick.

In June Colbert was given permission by the FEC to create the “Colbert Super Pac“, to enable him to raise mega-bucks to create political ads for the upcoming 2012 elections. Knowing Colbert, whoever he decides to lampoon in the ads are in for a hard fall, and whomever he chooses to support with all those unlimited corporate donations is sure to kick political butt come November 2012. The Colbert Nation is one mighty voice.

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The Colbert Report has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy. The Emmys air September 18th on FOX.

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