Colbert Makes ‘Cat Breading’ a Thing

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‘Cat Breading’ is now a smash Internet meme thanks to a casual mention by Stephen Colbert on his Thursday night show.

Not to be confused with cat breeding (which is, disturbingly, the next most popular key phrase on Google…) cat breading involves, as its name suggests, the punching of a hole in a piece of bread and then smooshing a cat’s face through it. The result makes the cat appear as though it has just smashed through a wall.

Of pumpernickel.

It’s silly, demeaning to felines, something only somebody who was very bored could have come up with… and hilarious.

A quick search of the Internet reveals cat breading (or breading cats) is a recent meme and gaining in popularity, which is to be expected. Anything to do with cats on the web seems to go viral in no time. Hint, hint…

Gawker jumped right on the meme immediately with not one, but two articles exploiting the trend and is probably where Colbert saw it. But getting what Stephen himself refers to as the “Colbert Bump” is pushing the new meme to the top of the heap.

Here’s why:

Get it?

Have a cat? A camera? Some bread?

Then go to the Meme Generator and become an Internet star!

But remember. Use “wry” bread only…

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