Colbert mocked homophobes, not Jesus, fool.

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there it is on the Politics page, “Colbert mocks Jesus.”

It constantly surprises me how obtuse people are about Colbert. Here are the basics, people;Colbert is a TV comedian who explores various Political, social, and religious topics in a fake right wing character. The humor is missed by some- there are actually some right wingers who seem to feel he is one of them.Well, he’s not.

If you watch or read what Colbert was saying in his recent show on the Chick-Fil-A controversy with a clear understanding of the fake nature of his right wing persona, you come to realize that Colbert is mocking several things:

1 Mike Huckabee

2 The notion that heterosexual Americans are threatened in some way by gay marriage

3 the ways in which Americans sometimes pervert Christianity in their efforts to resist looking upon gays as full citizens

Oh yes,all that is there. But mockery of Jesus himself? Nope. So do not lose sleep over the immortal soul of Steve Colbert. This has been a fact checking exercise. Thank you. You may now return to the normal foolishness of Gather…….

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