Collection of Anthropomorphic Nouns – Enjoy the Humor!

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I came across this interesting list of “anthropomorphic collective nouns” for the various groups of creatures from the land, air and sea, and thought it may be a rather humorous submission to begin 2012, an election year, with…enjoy! 

We are all familiar with the anthropomorphic word for a group of cows being a “Herd.” And we all know that more than one chicken on the farm is referred to a “Flock.” For those who were schooled in oceanography, you know that a group of fish is called a “School!”
From here, some of you may be a little surprised with the following “anthropomorphic” terms for the animal world. In fact, some of these may even come to assist you avid crossword players, so pay close attention, and don’t forget, even I learned something while putting this together. 
We call a gathering of lions, a “Pride” and all those crows sitting on the telephone lines alongside a country road are nothing more than a “Murder.” Of course, if you want to impress the backyard gathering during a late-summer evening barbeque, you can point to the sky and tell everyone that a “Gaggle” of geese just passed overhead. The term “Gaggle” also is used to describe more than one “rook” or “raven” too.
There are two more feathered gatherings to share, and the first is something you may observe at a wedding, or a Fourth of July celebration. And while I’ve never been to one of these events and witnessed the release of the “Exaltation,” it is merely referring to the doves. This leaves us with our final group of feathered creatures, and to be honest; it is a term that alludes to the hierarchy in England. So, if you ever get the opportunity to see more than one of these wise guys at anyone time, you can impress your friends by telling them they just witnessed a gathering of owls in “Parliament!” 
Now the term parliament carries a certain connotation or legislative tone, so when you visit the zoo, or during your next African safari, if you come across a “Congress” of baboons, don’t forget that in the minds of some, the baboon is considered to the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates. Of course, I always thought the baboons were cute, fuzzy little creatures, but who am I to argue? 
And while the description for a group of baboons may seem a little harsh, how could anyone not associate that anthropomorphic terminology for a gathering of baboons with the very same names our legislative body of leaders in D.C. calls themselves: Congress? 
That may pretty much sum up the events taking place in Washington, today? The sad thing is, no one can make these things up…not even me! So, go green – exercise your right to vote, and if you feel so led, “Recycle Congress in 2012!” Congress needs to be more than a group of loud, obnoxious, viciously aggressive men and women. They need to get down to business and fix what’s wrong in America, or face being unemployed in November?  
Pray about the decisions you make before you cast that vote this year. America’s future is riding on your prayerful and intelligent vote. Maybe there’s a candidate for Congress reading this post right now. If that’s you, remember: We can do better; a whole lot better!!!

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