Collinsville Special Ed Teacher Angers Parents With Underwear Search

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A special ed teacher in Collinsville, IL has many seeing red over their recent underwear check that they conducted in the classroom. Were their actions just or out of bounds?

On March 30th an unnamed male special ed teacher at Webster Elementary School had the unfortunate incident where he discovered feces on the classroom floor. Rather than have the mess cleaned and be done with it, this teacher decided to conduct an underwear check to figure which child was responsible for the mess.

He had each child go into a bathroom stall, remove their underwear, put their clothes back on and show their underwear. This happened for seven out of the eight children in the classroom. The excused child got a pardon since they were not in the classroom at the time of the incident.

While the children were not directly exposed to the teacher or each other, this move is just beyond infuriating. What the teacher did was wrong in every sense of the word. Why must he subject the kids to such embarrassment? Keeping in mind that his class was full of special needs children from third and fourth grade.

The teacher claims that his hunt was so that he may send the child to the nurse. Why would that be necessary when the child simply had an accident that can be cleaned up in the bathroom without making more of an issue over it? It sounds more like the teacher was angry over the mess and wanted to know who had caused it. What he was going to do once he learned who it was is unknown, but the whole nurse excuse doesn’t hold water.

This is the very question that those seven parents are likely asking themselves. While they might not have an answer to why it was done, they do have justice. The teacher has been removed from the classroom, but still is receiving paid leave since his removal. He may do odd jobs around the school until the end of the school year when he will officially be let go.

What do you think of this teacher’s move? Was it inappropriate? Would you be angry if you heard your child had been subjected to this? Weigh in below.

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