Colorado in Favor of Marijuana

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Do you ever wonder why, exactly, marijuana is illegal? It’s far less harmful than cigarettes, and causes far less deaths than alcohol, so why is this useful and enjoyable little plant forbidden?

If the people of Colorado have a say, it won’t taboo be much longer. A recent survey conducted by The Denver Post shows that a majority of voters are in favor of Amendment 64, which will legalize and regulate the wacky, much like alcohol, for adult use. Of the 615 voters surveyed, 51 percent of them, across all age groups except the 65+ crowd, were very much in favor of the ballot issue, while 40 percent were opposed. So, looks like it’s going to pass. And if that passes, guess who’s relocating to Denver!

How does Colorado choosing to legalize marijuana affect the federal prohibition of the plant? Will the choice to legalize really just lead to years and years buried in paperwork, trying to overturn federal laws? While it looks like Colorado could have an early victory in the battle of the bammy, the war on weed is still just beginning. Hold your ground, soldiers, and keep fighting the good fight.

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