Colorado Mountain Tornado Makes Rare Appearance at 11,900 Feet

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Tornadoes don’t seem to visit the mountains much. No one ever hears about a mountain area being wiped out by a huge twister. That’s why it is so incredible that a mountain tornado actually did make an appearance near Mount Evans in Colorado, Saturday afternoon.

Thought to be the second highest tornado recorded in the United States at 11,900 feet, the twister was produced by thunderstorms over the mountains west of Denver. Luckily, this rare phenomenon was caught on camera. But, then, what isn’t caught on camera these days?

In an ironic twist (no pun intended), the photographer, Josh Deere, was a man visiting from Oklahoma—a state that knows tornadoes all too well.

“Only a guy from Oklahoma could drive up to 12,000 feet and find this.”

The rare mountain tornado was actually above the tree line, and some drivers were able to look down on it. How amazing (and somewhat unsettling) would that be?

The tornado near Mount Evans (credit: Facebook)

Photo Source: CBS4

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