Colorado Sheriffs Vow to Fight Gun-Control Laws, Despite Threats to Their Salaries

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Colorado Sheriffs have banded together in opposition to gun-control legislation introduced in their state. Their vocal objection to strict anti-second amendment laws could come at a cost: their own salaries, which are controlled by the legislature. It is a sticky situation for these elected sheriffs, who are standing by their oath to the Constitution.

Sheriff Terry MaketaAll over the country, Sheriffs “are reacting with promises to protect individuals from new laws passed by federal and state politicians,” as reported by the Gazette. It is no different in Colorado, where some of the gun-control legislation has passed, but the sheriffs represented by the County Sheriffs of Colorado (CSOC) have made their position clear, and have vowed not to enforce the new laws.

The sheriffs, who have not received a pay raise since 2007, according to a Facebook post by Sheriff Terry Maketa, as reported by Sheriff Justin Smith, have been hearing plenty of buzz that their opposition to the gun-control laws may result in the legislature holding off on a salary adjustment bill for the sheriffs.

Imagine if the issue was legislation that would not allow peaceful protests, for example. One would think that the sheriffs would be hailed for their defiance. Regarding gun-control laws, the mainstream media is not so keen to report on these heroes, who are standing by the Constitution.

Earlier this month, Maketa called the legislation “emotionally driven” and stated that it has “no backing” during a radio interview on the Jeff Crank show. He discusses an email received by the offices of the County Sheriffs of Colorado, which threatened to halt or slow raises in salaries to the sheriffs if they fail to support the gun control legislation.

Listen to the interview here (around the 6:30 minute mark):

Although it is not confirmed, Maketa’s post reports, “I can tell you that Senate President Morse has made it quite apparent that he wants the introduction of a salary adjustment bill very, very difficult. I think you can draw your own conclusion on that.” Although the action is not overt, the message is clear: Sit down and shut up.

Maketa continues,

“I can say definitively, when that matter was raised in the room of Sheriffs I was with, we unanimously agreed we would NOT compromise our principles -period. We won’t sell our citizens out for a pay raise.”

Senate President Morse has been dealing with plenty of backlash in addition to the Colorado Sheriffs, as “the Basic Freedom Defense Fund (BFDF) formed a local committee for recalling Morse,” as reported by KOAA. The author of that piece, Tony Spehar, explained that Morse was “specifically targeted” because of his support of a proposal that would “hold owners of ‘assault weapons’ liable for damages caused by their guns.” Hopefully, the citizens of Colorado will pay attention to the rights that may be whisked out from under them and show support for those taking a stand.

Photo Source: El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Website

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