Colorado Shooting Tied to ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Through Batman Paraphernalia

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The tie between the Colorado shooting and Batman was clear after the shooter called himself the Joker. However, other Batman paraphernalia found at the shooter’s apartment proves the tie was unmistakable.

It took authorities a while to neutralize James Holmes’ apartment. That was thanks to the many booby traps the shooter rigged to prevent such entrance. However, once they got dismantled, police were finally able to get inside. Here’s what they found:

A Batman poster hung the wall. There was also a mask of the Caped Crusader easily visible, along with other Batman paraphernalia. Beyond that were the materials and equipment necessary to build the various devices meant to kill anyone attempting to the enter the home.

Sadly, officials admitted there was a certain amount of sophistication involved in the devices used by Holmes. However, there were signs of chaos too—as if Holmes’ mind was all over the place at once.

There’s no word yet about how or where The Dark Knight Rises shooter obtained the various chemicals, powders, wiring and trip devices that he used to rig the apartment. It’s possible many of the items were available over-the-counter or through the Internet.

Police have finally processed everything and removed much of the dangerous material. However, some chemicals reportedly remain behind. Those will likely be removed in the next day or so.

Meanwhile, the man responsible for the Colorado shootings will appear in court this morning (July 23rd). What happens after that is anybody’s guess.

It will be interesting to see who steps forward to defend James Holmes, the man responsible for 12 deaths and another 58 injuries. Hopefully, he’ll be referred to a psychiatrist to help set up the reason behind what he did. However, many fear an insanity defense will get used to help get him off or to lighten any sentence. That would be an injustice to the men, women, and children who died or got hurt at his hand.

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