Columbia University Drug Bust Exposes Drug Ring Selling Pot, LSD, Coke!

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There was a drug bust at Columbia University on Tuesday, Dec. 7. Officers amazingly arrested five Columbia University students who had a wide range operation involving Skinit Protective Skin for iPhone 4G, iPhone 4GS, iPhone (COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY LYON)multiple fraternity houses. The drug ring was nicknamed ‘Operation Ivy League’ by NYPD officers.

Looks like even Ivy League students like to party. Drugs are an ever present issue in our society and let’s face it, they aren’t going anywhere. People like to get high and they will continue to do so even if their parents are paying upwards of $50,000 a year for their schooling.

The Columbia University drug bust exposed a drug ring in which multiple drugs were being sold to students. An undercover operation netted 31 sales of ecstasy, LSD, DMT, Adderall, cocaine and marijuana. Of the many places that the undercover sales took place were three fraternity homes on Columbia’s fraternity row: Pi Kappa Alpha, Psi Upsilon and Alpha Epsilon Pi.

Surprising the Columbia University drug bust also exposed the severe nature of the drug dealers. Some may have thought the drug ring was overall harmless but undercover officers discovered one of the drug dealers was plotting to kidnap and kill a rival cocaine dealer. This ring was serious. Money is money and these people were willing to commit murder to keep their lucrative sales coming in.

A search of the Columbia University students’ rooms involved in the drug bust turned up $2000 in cash, 50 ecstasy pills, a bottle of LSD, over 1/2 of marijuana and a bottle of LSD.

Four of the five drug dealers were 20, the fifth was 22. Regardless of their fairly young age, they were still all adults and they all committed multiple crimes. They may have been the cool kids on campus for awhile but not anymore. They may still be popular in prison though. Who knows? That really sucks for them!

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