Columbus Day 2011 Closings and Controversy

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Columbus Day is October 10, and because it is an official Federal holiday, there are several closings in most cities throughout the United States as the government stops to celebrate Christopher Columbus’s discovery of North America. Of course, along with the celebrations come protests.

Columbus Day 2011 Openings, Closings and ControversyFor Columbus Day 2011, all banks will be closed in the U.S. because it is an official bank holiday. Also, many Federal offices like Social Security and others will be closed. The USPS will be closed on Monday as well. Other Federal offices will be closed for the holiday as well, so several employees will have the day off to take advantage of store’s sales.

As far as school closings for Columbus Day 2011, each district has different policies, so you will have to check with your school to see if Monday is a day off for the children, or if they will be in school for the day. Public libraries may also be closed for the holiday, so check before you make a special trip.

Columbus Day is not without its problems, though. There are many protests against the day because of the way the explorer treated Native American Indians he found in the new world when he arrived. Many people feel that this day, while it should be observed, should not be celebrated with parades and other festivities. What do you think? Has this holiday gone too far?

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