Columbus Day History: Are Stores, Banks, Post Offices and Stock Markets Closed on Columbus Day 2010?

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Columbus Day happens October 11, 2010. Most children have the day off from school and many government offices are closed.  Are stores, banks, post offices and stock markets open on Columbus Day?


Is the Post Office Open on Columbus Day?


The USPS website reports the post office is closed on Columbus Day this upcoming Monday. That means businesses and households will not receive mail on October 12 and most local post offices are closed. Express Mail and other limited services will still be available.


Is the Stock Market Open on Columbus Day?


Until 1953, the stock market closed for Columbus Day. Now some stock exchanges remain open including the NYSE. Since 1971, Columbus day was fixed to the second Monday in October. Many state and federal government agencies and school district are closed on Columbus Day. According to Wikipedia, some states and municipalities abstain from observing the Columbus Day.


What Banks are Open on Columbus Day?


While most banks are closed on Columbus Day, a few will open their doors for business. TCF Bank Michigan branches will open as will select TD Bank locations. Call before visiting the bank to verify opening and hours. ATMs will still remain an option across the country on Columbus Day.


Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), Genoese explorer. Come Gallery, Giove.

What is the History of Columbus Day?


Columbus Day is celebrated in honor of Christopher Columbus arriving in the Americas, specifically in the Bahamas, on October 12, 1492. Many countries celebrate Columbus Day. In the United States, Columbus Day was celebrated since the colonial period. In 1906, Columbus Day first became an official state holiday in Colorado. By 1934, Columbus Day became a federal holiday.


Retail Specials For Columbus Day


Retail specials for Columbus Day mean consumers will be able to spend the time shopping and saving on cold weather necessities such as socks, boots, sweaters and flannel pajamas. All the leading retailers including Lord and Taylor, The Children Place, Kohls and Kmart will be having sales with serious savings for Columbus Day.


With recent lagging retail sales, retailers are hoping deep discounts will bring consumers into the stores to start buying. Considering the current unemployment rate, it is likely consumers will take advantage of Columbus Day sales to purchase necessities rather than any luxury items.


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