Comcast: Are you kidding me? ANOTHER rate increase?

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I just received my comcast bill today with a brochure: "important information about your services and pricing."  You guessed it folks – another rate increase. Now, to save money, I cut my cable over a year ago, but I don't have DSL or FiOS available in my area yet, so I have no choice but to use Comcast high-speed internet. Luckily, my work pays for my internet bill.

This is just ridiculous. Have you SEEN the cost of cable? These idiots want $52.25 a MONTH for BASIC cable. That's outrageous! Why is there no competition for cable services? If I want cable television, I have to pay over $50 a month for basic, analog cable television? Digital cable is $68.20 a month (only 50 channels are digital), and ifyou want one premium service like HBO or Showtime, your bill will be $88.05 a month.

With these rates, it's no wonder all we do is sit at home and watch TV. After paying the cable bill, we don't have any money left and all we CAN do is sit at home and watch TV!

Do you have cable? Are your rates as outrageous as these? Does your cable company mandate a box (that comes with a monthly rental fee!) and a remote (that ALSO comes with a monthly rental fee!)? 

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