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My oldest daughter is big for her age…she is almost 2 and she is already 37 inches tall and weighs about 35 lbs. She looks like she is at least 3 or 4. Now I understand that she is big for her age, she always has been. So WHY do random strangers feel the need to point it out? Like today at the grocery store the girl who rang up our stuff asked how old she is, I said almost 2. The girl says “wow doesn’t look like she’s missed any meals, she’s awfully big for her age.” Ok first of all, she’s not like overweight, just big all the way around. Second of all, why did this chick feel the need to point it out? I didn’t even bother responding.

Now my 1 year old is the opposite. She is a little peanut. People assume she is younger than she is. The most frequent random comment I get about her is “Oh she’s so tiny don’t you feed that baby”, to which I usually reply “Nope never.”

I’m sure most people probably mean well, but seriously its just getting a little old.

So whats your favorite comeback for people like this?

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