Comedian Andy Dick Shares His Privates With the Public

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Comedian Andy Dick has shared his privates with the public yet again in a drunken stupor in Hollywood on Monday. Apparently his time both in and on “Celebrity Rehab” didn’t serve to smarten him up.

According to Popeater, Andy Dick was with some friends at the Cafe Audrey coffee house in Hollywood on Monday when he “suddenly kissed one of his male companions on the mouth, exposed his genitals, and staggered down the street, making quite the commotion.”

A witness shared his two cents about the Andy Dick exposure incident at Cafe Audrey with the press.

“He was really belligerent. It was all really weird and he was so drunk and out of it that I actually felt bad for the guy,” the witness said.

It seems that this isn’t the first time Andy Dick has shared his privates with the public either. Just this summer on July 4th he exposed himself to other guests at a 4th of July celebration. He has also been arrested two times for making sexual advances to both males and females.

What’s the scoop, Andy Dick? There’s no need to live up to your name….really. The fact that you have one doesn’t mean you should show it to every…well…Tom, Dick and Harry out there.

If Andy Dick isn’t careful, the next time he’s locked away for a while won’t be with Dr. Drew at Celebrity Rehab. It will be with Bubba and his boys in prison! And then he’ll keep his privates where they belong…..or at least he’ll try.


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