Comet ISON on its way

A new comet is on its way to Earth. The comet is called ISON, and it can be seen using a telescope, but is this part of why we are seeing so many meteors? The increase in meteors may be because of the increase in population and the increase in the use of Internet and social media, but whatever is happening, what happened to the good old days with Halley’s Comet becoming visible every 76 years?

The Hubble telescope took a picture of the ISON Comet on April 10. It is only 394 million miles from Earth. According to the LA Times, that is just 634 kilometers from Earth.

The hope is that the comet will soon be visible and may shine brighter than a full moon. Sky watchers are waiting for this November, so we might see what all the excitement is about. So ISON the comet is headed to a telescope near you.,0,2324776.story

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