Comic-Con Uncovers Science Fiction’s Hottest Men

Comic-Con brings out some of Hollywood’s best talent. Science fiction and fantasy is no longer the sole purview of B-list actors. It now draws A-list actors like ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ hottie Daniel Craig and, of course, the ever hot Harrison Ford. Here are some choices that have already made the list.

Daniel Craig comes in at 21, but that’s because it’s his first time playing with aliens. His character, Jake Lonergan, takes on other-worldly baddies to save the old west.

The actor who brought the Matrix‘s Neo to life scorches in Comic-Con’s 19. Keanu Reeves also starred in a remake of ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’. The movie, but it proved Reeves still had the right sexy stuff.

At 17 is heart-throb Tom Cruise, who walked into the deepest end of science fiction with ‘Minority Report.’ He started as the good guy, then it looked like he’d turned bad. However, in the end, he did what any reputable sci-fi hero does–he saved the day.

Both of ‘Star Trek’s’ Captain Kirks scored a spot, although the original, William Shatner, scored higher than his replacement, Chris Pine. That’s only because the former had more film exposure. Either way, there is no denying that William Shatner and Chris Pine both brought Kirk to life at 2 and 16 respectively.

Maximum heart-throb George Clooney went sci-fi as Dr. Chris Kelvin of ‘Solaris’, number 13. He made hearts leap as a man who loved his wife so much he wished her back into existence.

No science fiction list is complete without Harrison Ford. Hans Solo of ‘Star Wars’ is one of the greatest sci-fi hunks off all time, but Ford also played Rick Deckard in ‘Blade Runner’. Maybe number 12 should have rated higher.

At 11, Denzel Washington proves that good guys still exist in ‘The Book of Eli.’ He transversed the postapocalyptic U.S. to bring a sacred book to safety. By doing so, he saved the souls of humanity.

‘Transformers’ hero Shia LeBeouf comes in at 9 with his character Sam Witwicky. The actor has finally come into his own and has managed to gain a huge fan base.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a disappointment in the husband department but he never fails to please as ‘The Terminator.’ The movie set the hunk’s career on fire and kept it burning for decades; earning him a spot at number 5.

Bruce Willis lit fire to the screen in two science fictions hits — ‘The Fifth Element’ and ‘Surrogates’. It’s for the former role as Korben Dallas that he made the Comic-Con list. The film brought his ‘Die Hard’ mystique to the future to prove that good guys really do finish first; or in this case, 4th.

At number 1 is the hottest science fiction man to date — Will Smith. Although no one knew the six-pack he was hiding under his suit in ‘Men in Black,’ they caught a few glimpses in other sci-fi movies like ‘I Robot’ and ‘I Am Legend.’ No one beats Smith when it comes to hotness.

That’s part of the Comic-Con top 21. Who do you think is missing from the list?

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