‘Common Law’ Season Finale ‘Gun!’ Preview: What Landed Wes and Travis in Therapy

Common Law‘s first season comes to an end next week with episode 12, “Gun!” and the series will reveal what landed Wes and Travis in therapy in the first place.

Season 1 Episode 12 “Gun!” Promo

Wes and Travis try to get back into Dr. Ryan’s good graces by telling their full story.”

The last episode, “Hot for Teacher,” ended with Dr. Ryan sending Wes and Travis to another therapist, Dr. Applebaum (played by Ed Begley Jr.), who really seemed to need to be in couples therapy himself. So it’s no surprise that they’re going to be trying to make things right with Dr. Ryan.

In order to do that, as the Common Law season 1 finale promo for episode 12, “Gun!” (below) reveals, they’re going to tell her why they were sent to her. They may have never wanted to be there, but they need her help. So why did Wes pull his gun on Travis? Well, the promo ends with just that, and Wes warning him, “You move one more inch, and I swear to God I’ll shoot.”

Will giving Dr. Ryan the full story work? Dr. Applebaum didn’t look like someone who should be fixing anyone else’s problems with the way things are going for him, so will Wes and Travis get Dr. Ryan to listen to them? Will it end with them back in her “good graces” after they finish explaining?

What do you think of the Common Law season 1 episode 12 preview of the finale, “Gun!”?

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