‘Commoner’ Kate Middleton Slammed by the Queen (Video)

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Kate Middleton was seriously dissed by the Queen Mother after Mum realigned the curtsy protocol. What’s it all about?

Maybe K-Mid is getting too big for her britches? Or is it that she’s taking all the attention away from a Queen who is desperately hanging on to her crown, going for the all time record?

After all, she’s only got a few years until she beats the reigning champ, Queen Victoria, who sat on the throne for, like, 65 years.

As it turns out, the princess is from the Commoner class (even though her family is filthy rich) and the curtsy protocol has been changed so that the so-called “Blood Princesses,” who are all related by, naturally, blood, are paid their proper respects.

Thus ending the embarrassing prospect of being upstaged by an upstart.

So, from now on, Kate Middleton must curtsy when she meets the Princess Royal, Princess Alexandra, and the daughters of the Duke of York, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

Unless… she’s in the presence of her husband, Prince William. Then all bets are off. After all, Wills is the future heir to the throne.

It’s a good thing it’s all been straightened out. What are the chances Kate will be stepping out without her Prince?

Not bloody likely…

Here’s the video:

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