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Years ago when Communications’ theories and applications relating to computers and electronic receipt and transmission of data were just starting to appear, there was a growing interest among economic growth theorists that led to suggestions that eventually those likely development would have impacts that would revolutionize WORLD relationships among its nation states. More significantly after a few more years it was even more transparent that PEOPLE-TO PEOPLE CONTACTS were likely to be more important than could be imagined. Imagine having friends and colleagues who you might never meet from all over the world (translations of languages would be made easy to do) but with whom you could have intensive and extensive exchanges of ideas, and thoughts and feelings. Sort of SOUL-WITH-SOUL transmissions that would tend to look like EXTRA SENSORY PROJECTION linkages. Those days and developing MIRACLES are with us NOW; TODAY. What will our future WORLD be like in 10, 50, 100,1000 years. Look at these few data (immediately below)  and ‘flip up’ a guess or two!

The data are all about BROADBAND. You can guess with what you know about ‘devices’ and the great gifts growing from ‘cloud computing’ and ‘the new sciences of having all sorts of near nfinite information available to you when we all learn and learn and learn from deeper knowledge of ‘THE SEARCHING SCIENCES”  —  represented in the USA by GOOGLE, WIKIPEDIA and now BING. {If some of these ‘words’ are new to you head for WIKIPEDIA, etc.}

These data below relate to the more or less present distribution of the powers of broadband communication available in a few of the more than 200 nations of the WORLD. What do you think the year 2050 will be like? Which will be or become the most advanced countries? The most intellectual? The most powerful? Will we have persons on Mars communicating back to Earth? And so on, and on, and on …. And ON!  …. If we’re smart enough NOT to blow ourselves out into INFINITE SPACES in very small atomic and molecular pieces and packets by the raging, incomplete so-called RATIONALITY of us (in)human beings and our possibly warped dysfunctional  morals and values. (THESE DATA ARE ABOUT CONDITIONS IN 2006 OR SO)


BRAZIL        0.156 PER 10 PEOPLE        #28
CHINA         0.268 PER 10 PEOPLE        #25
INDIA          0.006 PER 10 PEOPLE        #31
RUSSIA        0.099 PER 10 PEOPLE        #29

AUSTRALIA  1.177 PER 10 PEOPLE        #18
CANADA       1.930 PER 10 PEOPLE        #06

U.S.A.           1.382 PER 10 PEOPLE        #16
S. KOREA      2.466 PER 10 PEOPLE        #01
HONG KONG  2.335 PER 10 PEOPLE        #02

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