Compaq sr1650nx desktop

I have done yet another review for expotv! This time it’s of my Compaq desktop. Yes, this was before that darn pain in the butt virus thing i got!

But if anyone is interested in taking a look at it, here’s the link:

I love my computer. I know it’s not the best & needs a few up grades now (i got it in 2005 after Katrina) but it has been very reliable for me. Up until this point. Which is my fault because of the out dated virus protector. & the issues with cd drives are from moving it around so much during evacuations & such. Getting knocked around a little too much. But yea. Take a look at the video if interested.

Yes, i was tired & i sure don’t hide it too well in the video but hey whatever! We can’t all look like beuty queens all the time!

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