Competing Legacy: Elvis vs. Michael Jackon

I grew up being a Michael Jackson fan. I loved “Off the Wall,” waited in line for tickets for the Victory Tour and consider “The Man in the Mirror” a personal anthem. I’m saddened by his death but I (and most of my friends) refer to Michael Jackson as almost two people. There’s the Michael Jackson, music icon and superstar. Possibly the most talented songwriter of all time. And then there’s the other Michael Jackson…you might draw the line with “History,” when Michael crossed from being musical icon to being perhaps the strangest (or most misunderstood) man on the face of the Earth. Everytime he appeared on t.v., you felt shocked for something…a molestation accusation, money problems, buy art items for $100,000 that most of us would expect to see at a yard sale, strange behavior concerning his kids.

My mom, who was an early fan of Michael, was appalled by comparisons being made by Michael to Elvis. Michael Jackson, one of the announcers claimed, was the biggest American star and the biggest influence on American music ever. Of course, mom did a little more than raise her eyebrowns. Of course, Elvis did, after all, invent rock and roll. And everyone remembers where they were when Elvis died. Will we remember where we were when

So, what do you think? How willl history rate Elvis and Michael Jackson? How will the two compare in ten, twenty years?

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