Complete ‘Friends’ DVD Box Set Gets Heavy Discount

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18 years after its debut and eight years after it ended, the TV series Friends is still pulling off surprising numbers for popularity and sales. Of course, heavy discounts help.

Now that all 10 seasons are on one box set, with hours of extras, the series seems to be enjoying a mini-revival.

One can’t spin the dial on television without landing on a channel that plays the show ad nauseam, but that’s nothing new. Usually, something so popular can be counted on to be set at a price just under the gouging limit.

According to GeeksOfDoom, one retailer has set the bar for heavy discounts which could either bode well for a resurgence in popularity, or it could be signalling the end of an era.

The site made a point of advertising the complete box set at the heavily discounted rate of 58% off list. The catch? A one day only window.

Sorry, that day was Wednesday.

Still, it points to a glimmer of hope. If the stunt works, expect the item to begin selling like a cup of cappuccino and a bran muffin at Central Perk. In other words, hotcakes.

After all, what are Friends for?

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