Conan Freebird and Will Ferrell Wife on Conan Last Show (Video) With Neil Young Long May You Run

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Conan Freebird with Will Ferrell and his wife on the Conan last show made a definite statement to NBC about ‘The Tonight Show’ situation.  Conan Freebird performance with Will Farrell and his wife, Viveca Paulin, took place during the final moments of the Conan last show.  Earlier in the show, we were prepared for retro music with the Neil Young ‘Long May You Run’ performance.

Will Ferrell was on the first Conan show and now the Conan last show.  Will Ferrell and wife dressed up in free love hippie gear to sing the “Freebird” with Conan.  Before the Conan freebird version, the original song was performed in 1973 by Lynard Skynyrd.

Conan Freebird played as the credit rolled.  Will Ferrell dressed up in a long blonde wig and cowboy hat.  Will Ferrell’s wife was referred to as “Dawn” and wore a mumu over her pregger belly.  Yup, Will Ferrell’s wife is expecting their third child.  The duo made out occasionally to relive the free love moments during Woodstock.

Conan Freebird included O’Brien playing the guitar along with ZZ Top and Beck Hansen.  They almost made Will Ferrell and his wife sound good!  Musical legend Neil Young “Long May You Run” performance warmed us up for Conan Freebird.

Yes, after the Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno confusion, Conan Freebird means he’s leaving NBC and “The Tonight Show” after reaching an agreement with the network.  Rumor says Conan is getting big bucks to leave so Jay Leno can have his spot back.  Word on the street says Conan might entertain an offer from FOX…

Meanwhile, here is YouTube video of Conan Freebird with Will Ferrell and his wife:

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