Conan O’Brien Angry That Rebecca Black ‘Stole Friday’ (Video)

Conan O’Brien is angry because Rebecca Black “stole Friday” from him! Late night funny man talked about Black on Monday night’s show, and sang his new song, Thursday.


O'Brien, Conan (crop)“Finally, I’m pretty mad at this Rebecca Black person. She just came out with a video, and uh, this video called Friday, it’s gotten over 30 million hits on YouTube. I’m pretty sure she ripped me off ’cause I did one just a couple of weeks ago called Thursday,” Conan said in a video blog skit.

Leave it to Conan to make fun of the YouTube sensation, and make his own hysterical song about a day of the week. The video features Conan and Andy Richter with Captain Crunch cereal, and is a great take on Black’s attempt at a music video and song. All joking aside, Rebecca Black garnered millions of hits on YouTube and was able to get her (terrible) song up the iTunes chart, so this spoof on Conan is just more publicity for her.


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