Conan O’Brien Creates Pilot for CBS

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Conan O’Brien has produced a new comedy pilot that has been picked up by the CBS network. Vince Uncensored is the title of the new sitcom, and it is written and created by Phoef Sutton.

According to The Wrap, the pilot has been produced by both O’Brien and Conaco President David Kissinger. Conaco and Warner Brothers Television are the production companies behind the new show. Conaco Productions is Conan’s own production company.

While producing a pilot is something new for Conan O’Brien, it really doesn’t come as any big surprise. He has long been a highly acclaimed writer of comedy, and after having his own show for years has undoubtedly mastered the production end of the business.

Vince Uncensored is about “a man who decides to take a more honest approach to his life, work and family after a life-changing experience.”

Since this will air on CBS, will it in any way fuel the late-night talk show wars that have gone on for years, and were incredibly exacerbated when NBC asked Jay Leno to come back to host the Tonight Show? His new late-night talk show Conan appears on the TBSFile:Conan O'Brien speaking at TBS rally crop.jpg network.

It will be interesting to see if Vince Uncensored bears Conan O’Brien’s unique brand of humor. No word has yet been released as to when the pilot will air or how many episodes are expected to make it into the lineup.

Could this be how Conan spent some of his time post-Tonight Show and pre-Conan? After all, he had several months when he was contractually unable to appear on network TV, and his live tour didn’t take up all his free time. In true Conan O’Brien style, the comic likely worked the idea in his down time so he would one day have the last laugh over the entire ordeal.

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