Conan O’Brien Says All or Nothing: Spar with Jay Leno

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Having a contract means nothing today.  NBC has announced Leno is coming back to the “Tonight Show”and Conan might be moved.  So, Conan who moved his family five months ago, to Los Angelos, is angry.  Conan O’Brien is very angry, and has a five contract which he wants to hold NBC to or make them pay.  Jay Leno is angry also.  Jay Leno was successful, so why did they move him?  Conan wanted his job.  Now, after NBC says Leno’s show at primetime, did exactly what they wanted it to do, is changing things up.  What gives NBC.  I want Jay Leno back, and don’t care for Conan O’Brien, but is there no morals in business anymore? 

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