Conan O’Brien’s “Show Zero” Underwhelms (Video)

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Viewers are voicing their displeasure with “Show Zero,” the purported warm-up episode for Conan O’Brien’s forthcoming Conan show that promised a full assortment of celebrity guests. Instead, they got a five-minute spot that basically seemed to exist as a commercial for Diet Coke.

“Show Zero” was streamed online yesterday at, YouTube, and Facebook, but while advance word seemed to indicate it’d be pretty much like a regular show — you know, roughly an hour long — it instead zipped through some ancient gags, mentions of Carter Semenya (who was he, again?) and extremely short appearances by Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons and band Steel Train. Oh, and the dancing taco. And some “funny” credits.

But there was plenty of time for Diet Coke. Ah, Diet Coke — the preferred beverage of kings, statesmen, and relentlessly over-promoted late-night talk shows. Andy Richter likes it! But in case you still weren’t aware of this whole Diet Coke thing that all the kids are talking about, then the under-five-minute “Show Zero” closed with about 30 seconds. About. Diet. Coke.

While some of the Coco faithful have of course rushed to their hero’s defense, many others were, shall we say, underwhelmed. “I enjoyed the previous videos, but boy did this one blow. The commercial at the end? was more entertaining than the actual ‘show’,” said one commenter on YouTube. “sposed to be funny by not? being funny….not funny….,” adds another.

A swing, a miss, and the mighty Coco has struck out. Here’s hoping the actual Conan show has something more on its mind than peddling soft drinks…



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