Conan’s Ratings Slip

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Conan O’Brien has slipped in the ratings after just the second day of the show. What does that mean for Conan? Conan’s ratings are his life’s blood. The rivalry between David Letterman and Jay Leno has been ongoing for years, but Leno kept his lead. When O’Brien took over the “Tonight Show” the show slipped behind Letterman.

On day two Conan slipped below Leno and Letterman. CBS’ “Late Show With David Letteman” has lagged behind Jay Leno, and now, Letterman and Conan are failing.

Is it too soon to call? Not really because Conan’s ratings failed even on NBC. This was a bad move for O’Brien to sign on with TBS. Nobody watches TBS. Okay somebody must watch, but for Conan O’Brien to compete against Jay Leno, he better do something fast.

The Los Angeles Times reports, “On Tuesday night, Letterman edged past O’Brien in the overnight household ratings (3.4 rating/8 share vs. 2.9 rating/7 share) for the first time since O’Brien took over his show, according to data from Nielsen Media Research.”

If you don’t think Conan will fail, do you remember the Chevy Chase Show? No, don’t worry neither does anyone else.

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Conan O'Brien's ratings slip behind David Letterman and Jay Leno

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