Concert For Hope: Selena Gomez Sings: ‘Who Says’, Nick Jonas Covers Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

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Selena Gomez and her ex-beau, Nick Jonas, were reunited briefly and strictly professionally last Sunday at the third annual Concert for Hope in Los Angeles.  The concert helped raise money for cancer research at the City of Hope, one of America’s most famous cancer research and treatment centers.  Gomez’s and the Jonas Brothers’s performances were complemented by an unexpected guest appearance by the infamous teenage Internet sensation, Rebecca Black–albeit by proxy.  

According to K.O. Video, Selena Gomez  performed her new single Who Says? live for the first time at the Concert for Hope–much to the delight of her many fans.   A panoply of other acts and personalities followed including the all-girl group, Cherri Bomb, and Camp Rock star Anna Maria Perez de Tagle.  The Jonas Brothers performed a number of their greatest hits including Lovebug and Paranoid.   And then Nick Jonas sang a cover version of Rebecca Black’s much maligned Internet hit, Friday.


Why Nick Jonas chose to cover the parodic ditty remains unknown, but his choice is truly bizarre in more ways than one.  Nick Jonas once romanced Selena Gomez who now dates Justin Bieber, the man on whom 13-year-old Rebecca Black spends much of her time crushing.

Meanwhile, Black has often been compared to Selena Gomez by the media, while being subtly dissed on Twitter by Justin Bieber–probably much to her chagrin.  Gomez has also allegedly dissed Black in tweets exchanged with her best friend, fellow Disney starlet, Demi Lovato.  Despite all the negativity directed at her from places low and high, the newly-minted Internet sensation, Black continues to gush to the press about her dream of someday performing with Bieber–a dream that seems unlikely to come true. 

Whew!  Talk about six degrees of separation.  The possible permutations,  combinations, and complications are limitless.  Did Joe Jonas do a cover of Friday to diss Selena Gomez?   Was The Wizards of Waverly Place star perturbed by his choice?   By now, Black must have heard about his performance, and she must be ecstatic.  And  what does Justin Bieber think about all this?   Curiouser and curiouser.

Note:  Selena’s BFF, Demi Lovato was once involved with Nick Jonas’s brother Joe.   But let’s not even go there.

Stay tuned.

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