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There is so much that is in our faces right now. The long days in the western hemisphere give us lots of light for looking at the world around us.  And everything is touchable. It might be prickly or rash-inducing, but it’s definitely touchable.  There’s no better time than August to create poetry that we can touch. So we’ll try our hand at concrete poetry also called shaped poetry. Jump to these links to understand more about the form.

Atticus and Granny Janny both submitted memorable pieces this year.  I know many of you, once you give it a try, will find yourself impressed with your ability to create words that have both literary content as well as visual impact.

Last month we covered List Poems.  This stretched me to my utmost as it was often so far from what I consider traditional poetry form that I had to sometimes pretend.  ;-)  I can be dreadfully stodgy about poetry, you know.  But we had a lot of submissions and they are all featured at Mindful Poetry’s homepage.  Please check them out.  They are quick and comfortable.  I think Elsie Duggan managed every single prompt that I gave.  Her last poem of the month is a delight.

There are some tricks to creating the concrete poem here online.  It has to do with making “spacers” in your text and then coloring the spacers white, I think.  I hope some of the more experienced will give us tips. 

Happy poeming, friends!

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