Condi Rice: Just The Ticket For GOP VP, Would Break 2 Glass Ceilings

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America has already crossed a threshold when they elected the country’s first black president, but making Condi Rice the GOP VP could potentially break two more glass ceilings. It would potentially see a woman finally make it to the White House, at least in the number 2 job, and it would give that honor to a black woman.

Hillary Clinton has long been viewed as the woman who would break into the ranks of VP status before any other female, but despite her esteemed qualification she never did.

Condi Rice, on the other hand, is just as qualified to hold the coveted position as the GOP VP as Clinton would have been for her democratic counterpart.

Even more importantly, Rice can also boast more cabinet experience than Hillary: Four more years, in fact, since Obama has only served one term in office (Hillary wasn’t on her husband’s cabinet during those earlier eight years at the famous Pennsylvania address).

And if that’s not enough of a package to make Republicans in the nation salivate over (or Dems consider jumping political parties), just consider the fact that Condi Rice has a reputation for integrity that can’t be tarnished by any rock-throwing from the current scandal-riddled administration.

How much better can it get than this in an election year for Republicans, as well as women voters? A female VP that makes Biden appear “too establishment” and “out of touch with working women” and makes Obama appear “too inexperienced” and “out of control.”

According to Politico, it can’t get any better than this and that is why “Condoleezza Rice tops the vice presidential wish list among Republicans and right-leaning independents.”

Condi Rice & Mike Bloomberg(Photo Credit: Acres)

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