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That pooch and her stuffed toy puppy,

she confronts, attacks, tries to destroy it.

I suppose confronts is a bit of over simplification,

she does chew it, bite it,  throw it, and jump on it.


A confrontation is supposed to be like a standoff, 

this one is a whole lot more.  She tries to mate with it.

She tries to tear it apart.  She eats the thing's entrails.

If people were like poochs, the world would be in very sad shape.


When my puppy attacks, destroys and bites it's enemy, it's all in fun.

When people and their governments confront, destruction surely follows.

Humans, unlike puppy dogs can be serious killers, not just in play.

We often do much, much more than even God's law allows.


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An Electronic Engineering major with a minor in English, Randy Roberts has written poems for fifty years. His interest in poetry has been re-kindled since a heart attack and retirement. Now an award winning poet, 'poetrandy' was editor and publis

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