Congress to Prove They Are the Opposite of Progress with 2013 ‘Work’ Calendar

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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor released the “work” schedule for the 113th Congress yesterday, and it is designed to accomplish what was accomplished last year, except on a much grander scale!

File:Eric Cantor, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpgWhat Was Accomplished Last Year?

That is a good question. Not much was accomplished then, and with this latest “work” schedule, who knows what they will accomplish this time. The last session under the direction of Cantor passed fewer bills than Washington has seen in decades. They spent more time arguing with each other and passing legislation that did nothing to solve the nation’s greatest problems. Problems like the coming “fiscal cliff” in budget talks, a “cliff” that is just another chapter in the book of “no” started by the GOP House leaders last year leading America to this latest stalemate over the same things, taxes and spending.

All Work and No Play Makes Cantor a Cranky Boy

So now he has made sure that not much will get done with a whopping 239 days off from work. For this hard work, the house majority leader gets a salary of $223,500 with full benefits and cost-of-living adjustment. Doesn’t everyone wish they had a job where they worked less than half the year and made almost a quarter of a million dollars a year with benefits?

Maybe Americans should concentrate more on performance-based pay for congressional representatives, rather than that of school teachers. Of course, that piece of legislation would not make it far in today’s congress.

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