Connecticut Gun Sales Skyrocket After Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre

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While the government is discussing whether new gun control laws need to be implemented in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, citizens in Connecticut are buying up guns like they are going to be taken away for good. It isn’t just Connecticut gun sales that are up, the trend is nationwide.

Gun WallAmazingly, the gun stores report that one of their top selling items is the AR-15 style assault rifle, the same gun used by Adam Lanza in the Newtown massacre. Why are these people buying up so many guns, and why are they purchasing these extreme weapons? It is likely because they believe that new laws will prevent them from buying the guns, but that if they already own them they will not be forced to give them up. Of course, that doesn’t answer why they need such ridiculously powerful weapons in the first place.

At a gun shop less than ten minutes from Sandy Hook school, owner Robert Caselnova said that he sold a huge number of guns over the weekend. He also reported that Adam Lanza and his mother had visited his store to look at guns, but had not purchased any specifically from him. In North Carolina, Hyatt Gun Shop owner Larry Hyatt reported that he had a Black Friday-esque line outside of his store and had to call in extra employees. “We already have tons of customers because of Christmas, hunting season is peaking right now, and not to mention, the election,” He said. “But this tragedy is pushing sales through the roof. It’s like putting gasoline on a fire.”

But the surge in Connecticut gun sales and gun sales in other stores worries some owners. Larry Hyatt said that he wished that he knew if buyers had a history of mental health issues, in wake of this tragedy and other shooting by those who were mentally ill. “Every gun you sell,” Hyatt said, “you have to worry whether that customer is competent, or whose hands that gun may end up in.”

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