Connecticut School Shooting: Celebrities Express Sadness, Urge Gun Control

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In the wake of Friday’s terrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, celebrities are taking to social media like Twitter not only to express their sadness but to demand stricter gun laws so that something like this can’t happen again. One school shooting after another has raised the debate over gun control again and again, but nothing ever seems to get accomplished. The frustration not just in Hollywood but everywhere is clear.

Here’s a sampling of celebrity comments, gathered by E! Online:

Susan Sarandon: “How much more suffering & loss will it take before we better regulate the sale of arms in our country? Let @NRA know how you feel.”

Mia Farrow: “Gun control is no longer debatable it’s not a ‘conversation’- It’s a moral mandate.”

Dax Shepard: “I love guns. I have several, but I would gladly get rid of them if it would help prevent anything like this from happening again.”

Kourtney Kardashian: “If this tragedy doesn’t change something in this country regarding guns…I just want to scream and cry. Deeply saddened. Praying.”

Questlove: “ok so….is now that time to have ‘the conversation’?”

Christine Teigen: “it’s too easy for a monster to get a gun. solution: NO ONE GETS GUNS. sorry if this is an inconvenience for your complete need to have one.”

Sarah Silverman: “Band-Aids-on-Band-Aids @NRA people want MORE access to guns to combat all the people w access to guns.”

Of course, celebrities are not the only ones angered by the government’s lack of action, and they’re not saying anything that countless non-famous people haven’t said a thousand times before. But perhaps the fame of actors, musicians, and other entertainers can in some small way help spread the word and get people from all walks of life to pay more attention to this critical issue.

It’s no surprise that most celebrities are in favor of stricter regulation of guns; the majority of Hollywood folks are Democrats or otherwise politically liberal. But the significance of this latest school shooting, especially because it involves the deaths of so many young children, goes beyond politics and party affiliations. One would hope that nobody wants these kinds of weapons, ones that are so obviously meant for killing people, to be so readily available to virtually any citizen who wants them.

Doesn’t the country owe it to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School to change something, now?

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