Conservative AMS Says Pay Attention to Global Warming Findings

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Here is something neither presidential candidate saw coming out the gate, commentary on scientific findings from the American Meteorological Society (AMS) about the planet’s stability. The previously quiet and rather reserved society issued a statement on August 20, 2012 that reversed their overall standoffish tone about global warming.

Meteorologist Dan Satterfield warns people to avoid viewing political opinions as scientific conclusions. Most politicians have the propensity to dress up their political agenda to mimic the exhaustive efforts of scientific fact-finding. Because of this tendency, voters hear a plethora of garbage from both parties.

During the Republic National Convention, Mitt Romney stuck his nose up at the notion that global warming even exists, despite the enormous amounts of verifiable evidence. Really, this should not be a shocker, as Romney has repeatedly stated that he is all about supporting the oil industry. Is there any person who could receive millions of dollars in campaign payments and willingly bite the hand that feeds them?

Next, there is the Barack Obama administration, which came into office full steam ahead for Green energy. He must have been referring to gangrene energy, as the Keystone XL project is not officially dead and the portions of the project squarely inside “United States territory” are presently under construction. On August 30, 2012, Obama managed to trump the Keystone XL debacle when he gave Shell Oil the go ahead to drill in the Arctic, despite the numerous laws this violates. Nevertheless, the mockery is complete as he swears to save 11 million acres of the Arctic from oil drilling. Never mind that the last tests conducted for “cleaning” oil spills in arctic waters was 10 years ago and every attempt failed—that is a letter grade of F.

If people listen to the political rhetoric, from either party, as reliable then society is meant to believe that water exists in a vacuum and a spill in one area does not spread throughout the water or the food chains—which it does. If society believes political perspectives then air quality is irrelevant because, much like America’s terrorist alert status, air pollution meters will inform citizens when the air becomes “really” dangerous. Moreover, politicians want to show the North and South Poles in a profitable light that “saves the economy,” rather than planetary conservation necessities. Those who choose to believe that pitch should feel little towards the knowledge that the Arctic has shrunk to half its size in just over 30 years.

Many believe it is impossible to create a successful Green energy platform. Those that do, the political sales pitch worked. Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931), was an American inventor whose light bulb has been burning since 1879. Shoppers in today’s society are amazed that they can purchase a light bulb that claims to burn for 7 years, and are even more amazed if it actually does. One of his most notable insights of his time was, “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” How is it that an invention from the 19th century still functions, yet it is unfathomable to harness Green energy resources in the 21st century? That is neither innovative nor evolutionary.

The AMS summed up their report by stating, “Prudence dictates extreme care in accounting for our relationship with the only planet known to be capable of sustaining human life.” The world has been warned from logical, impartial, scientific minds whose goal is to seek constants in an endless stream of variables. What are presented are not opinions. They are educated assessments with empirical findings to render an informed conclusion, which is vastly different from uninformed, personally motivated, biased political hearsay. America needs to vote the issues, not the parties and hold their elected officials accountable to the voters and the country, not to company profits.

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