Conservative Gun Nut Threatens Liberals

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Conservative gun nut Kevin Kordes is showing himself to be an example of why violent rhetoric in politics needs to stop. This famous right-wing argument that liberals are trying to “take away your guns,” is (for the most part) completely untrue, but as long as people like Kordes exist it’s going to be hard to tolerate the fact that any idiot can just go and get a gun, legally.

AddictingInfo shared a post with screenshots of the picture of this guy aiming the barrel of his gun right at his camera. The caption with the photo is a profanity-laced rant that is damn near illiterate and completely over-the-top in a way that leaves an unsettled feeling in the guts of any decent person. This is the kind of rhetoric that eventually leads to jackasses shooting crowds of people in the name of political discourse — and it’s obvious as to what causes it. Aside from the obvious mental illness this gun toting conservative displays, the comments made by politicians who overly support gun ownership leads to this. The lies told by the far right to gullible voters leads to this. When Sharron Angle said that there needed to be “second amendment remedies” in the event of Harry Reid and other liberals remaining in office, this is the vision she created. When Sarah Palin used gun crosshairs over the districts of opposing democrat districts, such as Gabby Giffords, this is the vision she created.

You can read the entire rant here, and be warned; it’s nauseating. His Facebook profile is pretty frightening, but displays some of the same details that many overly right-wing people display. With the blatant threats and hateful rhetoric against entire groups of people, this guy needs to be investigated, or at least watched so as to prevent another violent homegrown terrorist attack in the U.S. The following quote, to which he attributes as his own, is on his page:

“At no time in our history have people like John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald been more needed than right now, in 2011!”

This is someone who idolizes Rush Limbaugh and other far right figures, to no surprise.

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