Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Are FEMA concentration camps coming to a town near you?

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Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura and guest Alex Jones blew open the supposed FEMA concentration camps set up across the United States. According to Ventura, these camps are set up to house entire families not just individuals, complete with barbed wire fences turned inward to prevent any would be escapees.

In an interview with a former FBI agent, Mike German, Ventura discusses the United States government Fusion Centers. Something most of us know little, if anything, about. These Fusion Centers – 72 of them to be exact – are set up across the country to collect information on American citizens including people associated with certain political parties, religious affiliations and even conspiracy theorists to name a few. Now you can get arrested for anything you buy or who you’re associated with or even for what you think, according to Ventura.

Operation De-Fuse, a group set up to unmask the new American police state, have found some startling information about the fusion centers. The Fusion Centers have started to collect data on non-criminal activites such as shopping purchases, driving habits and health records. These centers were set up after 9/11 to help protect the nation from terrorism, so they say, but is that really what they’re doing?

At a time of great financial strife for most of us, and a time many Americans are finding they have no choice but to turn to it’s government for help, we find out that our government may be planning an even bigger assault  on our freedoms. A frightening thought could soon become a reality the way things seem to be going.



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