Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura explores the rumored FEMA camps: Is Martial Law on its way?

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Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura attacked the idea that the government wants to put Americans in so called prison camps in this weeks episode of Conspiracy Theory. Ventura explored the conspiracy after he was told that America would soon resemble one big prison.

Jesse Ventura has a slew of conspiracies each week on his show, and this week was no different. FEMA prison camps, martial law, thousands of stockpiled coffins  – is it all one big conspiracy or are there hints of truth in what Ventura discovered?

One such topic on this week’s episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura was the so called “thought police”. This has to do with the governments fusion center’s which are popping up around the country. The point of fusion centers? To arrest people based on their religious beliefs, political background or activist activities. They’ll profile anyone and everyone who disagrees with big brother. Scary, isn’t it?

Now, on to the stockpiled coffins. What in the world would the government want with thousands and thousands of coffins? Do they have plans to do a clean sweep and kill people by the thousands? Are they preparing for a natural disaster that we – the American public – aren’t aware of? Whatever the plans are, the idea is sure to give you goosebumps.

Are the fusion centers actually command centers for upcoming concentration camps? Is the government expecting a large wave of unrest in America? Before you dispel the idea that this is America so the aforementioned will never happen here, think of the concentration camps that held Japanese prisons on American soil. Who’s to say the government won’t turn on its people and do the same to us?

If you still think it’s all a hoax, then here is something that should tell you it’s all real: REX-84. Don’t know what that is? Well, it was started in the Reagan administration and it gives the government the right to enforce martial law, suspend the constitution and round up anyone who is deemed “a threat”. If that isn’t enough to scare you, then nothing is.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura is a mind-blowing show which always digs deep to find the most interesting, and often scary, stories out there. Ventura tries to find the real truth behind rumors and in doing so he’s an asset to those of us who want to know the truth no matter how scary it is.

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