Constellations: An Introduction

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  I have decided to try to present some astronomy information as painlessly as possible. In this post I will concentrate on constellations.
  The constellations are mostly based on ancient mythology. This is an example. It may be that the anatomical word “sagittal” may come from this constellation. A sagittal section is a side view, much like the side view we see of the centaur
in Sagittarius. Sagittarius appears to be horsing around.
The Celestial Sphere
  Constellations are used to locate stars on the celestial sphere.
  In the Northern Hemisphere, where I am, we can’t see certain constellations that can be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. I can’t see the Southern Cross.
Star Map of Andromeda
  These images are presented courtesy of Public Domain Clipart.
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