Consumer Electronics Show 2010–8 Tech Trends to Watch [video]

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This week, January 7-10th, Las Vegas plays host to the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 (CES) where in years past has debuted technologies like the VCR, Pong, Blue-ray, plasma television, Palm pre, 3D projectors, Xbox, and the MacBook Air.  This year is going to blow us all away.  This non-public trade show, the first was held in NYC in 1967–43 years, can you imagine the technology that the Consumer Electronics Association has seen over the decades.    The CEO of the CEA, Gary Shapiro has put together a list of the 8 tech trends to watch, “In my 28 years of attending the CES and participating in it and being a part of it and running it for most of that time, I can honestly say there will be more innovation at this show than any one in history.”

Despite the enthusiasm of the Consumer Electronic Show 2010 it could be hindered by the lingering economic recession.  However there seems to be a great interest and excitement that will hopefully overshadow the economic issues so that people can just enjoy the wonders of technology.  On Tuesday Google is to announce its launch of it’s own mobile phone, Nexus One, and Apple is rumored to unveil a touch-screen tablet computer Jan 26th–neither company is scheduled to appear at the trade show, only the media event.

Here are the 8 Trends to watch this year according to Shapiro and CNN:

Tablet and Mid-size Screens: These ditch keyboards in favor of touch-screen interfaces, the Android interface the Google produces will run most of these tablet computers.  The mid-size screens are the biggest area for growth–we already see TV-size screens and have small screens on our SmartPhones.  Mid-size is the group to watch.

E-books and E-Readers: If it wasn’t apparent already being the leading Christmas gift this season the Kindle is the new wave of how we read books.  All of these e-readers and books will face competition among themselves at the Consumer Electronic Show–Barnes & Noble Nook and Sony Reader, plus many that you have not heard of with ridiculous technology to make reading easy and painless.

TV + Internet or “Smart TV”:  The morphing of your living room TV into your computer is continuing through the next decade.  These Smart TV’s do things like download Netflix, streaming Pandora, check email, communicate with others–really everything your computer does combined with everything your television does.  The idea isn’t new, but the interfaces are.

Mobile TV: Viewing television on your mobile device.  The U.S. switched from analog to digital television, making us able to watch our favorite shows on our iPhones, Blackberries, etc.  Shapiro says this is a major focus of the CES and we should be looking for products this year.

3-D TV, Games, and Laptops:  This one scares me a little bit; it makes me think that the line between fiction and reality is getting smaller and smaller.  You may think that these televisions come with blue and red glasses, but the ones being shown at CES will not require any additional eyewear.  AMD and Blu-ray are demonstrating their new products at the show.

Connected Cars:  Ford will speak about the growing importance of in-car technology.  Announcing in-car wireless and digital television.  New avenue for advertisers.

Android:  Phones will be shown using the Android platform, myTouch and Droid–however Apple, creator of the iPhone will not be there.  The Android is also expected to show up in other electronics beside SmartPhones extending its reach.

Apps and Accessories:  What is a SmartPhone or computer without applications and accessorites?  With the consumer spending down, cheap buys like apps and accessories will be at the forefront this year.  Apple’s iPhone dominates app buys.  At CES there will be 100 exhibitors with Apple-related products.

In addition to the apps, touch-screen cameras, a third generation of USB data cables and GPS add-ons for phones all could be big CES finds.

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