Consumers E-Book Sales Climb To $1 Billion

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Forrester reports sales of e-books will reach $966 million by the year end. In 2002 sales of e-books barely reached $7 million as consumers struggled to understand the benefits of digital media.

Sales showed only 7% of adults  who read books use e-books. The 7% that make up these purchases are the ones that read the most books and spend the most on their books. The results further show that the average reader spends 40% of their book purchases on e-books.

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Forrester research has predicted that by 2015 the e-book market will reach about $3 billion in sales if the literary industry continues without change. With technological advances continuing with the development of e-ink changes are sure to happen.

The emergence of e-books will definitely have an impact on print books. Book publishers are going to be forced to find another marketing strategy to compete with businesses such as: Amazon’s Kindle , Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Apple’s iPad. Publishers will focus on alternatives for digital production and sales. The publishing market will have to make concessions for dealing with e-book retailers on a larger production scale.



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