Contestant Samuel Koch injures spine on Germany’s “You Wanna Bet?” (Video)

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German television viewers of hit television show “Wetten Dass…?” (You Wanna Bet? In English) experienced a shocking event Sunday night. Samuel Koch, 23, intended to flip over three moving cars, one at a time, as they sped towards him.  Wearing spring loaded stilts, the courageous stuntman cleared the first two cars with no difficulty, to the sound of a cheering crowd. Admittedly, the first two jumps were impressive.


It is not just Samuel Koch who suffered from this terrible accident on “Wetten Dass…?”

It was the third car that Samuel Koch had some trouble with, though. For some reason, his jump did not quite clear the vehicle, and resulted in contestant Samuel Koch falling face first onto the stage. As if the accident alone wasn’t bad enough, his mother was in the audience, and his father was the driver of the third vehicle. What a terrible tragedy for both of his parents this must be. We can only hope they, as well as their son, come to grips with his injury, and he makes a speedy recovery.


Safety advocates have been claiming for years now, that in the rush to perform more amazing stunts, “Wetten Dass…?” has gone too far and doesn’t offer enough safety protocols for the stunt performers. Although one could argue the point of a stunt not being a real stunt if too many safety protocols are in place, many now agree it would be better if Samuel Koch had been required to be better protected. Would you risk life and limb to win a reality TV show prize? How big of a prize would it take?


“Wetten Dass…?” has enjoyed a thirty year run in Germany as one of the most successful reality TV shows ever. It may be the adrenaline rush for viewers, to watch people risk life and limb to win the prize, awarded by a panel of celebrity judges. Whatever the appeal of the show, German fans are now in somewhat of a state of shock over this terrible accident.


Although the accident is not shown in the following video, it was witnessed by more than 10 million viewers across Germany, as it happened. The show was intended to have live appearances from Cameron Diaz, Phil Collins, and Justin Bieber, but instead was pulled early. Later that evening, Justin Bieber tweeted “…We all don’t think it’s right to continue. Please pray for Samuel Koch and his family as we wait and hope for his health and safety.”


Poor Samuel Koch took a risk to win on “Wetten Dass…?” Now he’s paying for it.

At the hospital, doctors announced that Samuel Koch showed signs of paralysis due to his injury. Fortunately, as of this morning the courageous stuntman is conscious and speaking, although listed in critical condition. Studio and network executives are re-examining the show’s safety standards. The producers of “Wetten Dass…?” say the worst accident prior to Samuel Koch’s terrible event was a broken leg.

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